Meet the Team

Many of you will have met Jon and Sarah over the past few months.  They started with us just prior to Christmas and that time of the year is like a baptism of fire!  Only the strong survive!

Happy to say they are still with us and enjoying life on the lake.

Jon and Sarah began their journey as “park all-rounders” – employed to help Craig & Deb in the day to day running of the Park.  It was apparent early on that they were destined to play a much bigger role and now are our resident “assistant managers”.

The growth of DC on the Lake from its humble beginnings as a recovering annual park over 3 years ago to a leading tourist holiday destination has also seen it move from a husband & wife duo to a team of excited and dedicated staff.  It is a team committed to providing the best holiday experience we know.

We don’t always get it 100% right, but we sure do try.

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